General Guidelines:

  • Your site must sell hand crafted items, kits, or supplies.  
  • Gift and collectible sites must offer hand-crafted items.  Mass produced 'handcrafted' items, or items that look 'crafty' are not what we are looking for.
  • Craft forums, craft directories, craft blogs, etc are welcome to list their site.
  • Your site must be family friendly.
  • Sites that appear to be only made for Adsense or contain only affiliate links and offer no apparent value to the visitor will not be accepted.

When adding your site to the directory:

  • Please ensure all information is correct.
  • Site titles will become your link text. Since sites are not sorted alphabetically, the title link has no impact on listing order.  The site title should be the name of your site only, and should not contain keywords.
  • Do not capitalize every word in your description. Write a description that is informational and not merely a list of keywords. Site titles and descriptions that are keyword stuffed will not be accepted or may be edited.  Your listing may be edited for clarity and spelling.
  • If your site offers only links to other sites, the description must convey that, for example, a directory.
  • It is a REQUIREMENT to add a link back to this directory for Featured Listings.  Please see our Link To Us page for a selection of text links or banners to add to your site.  Sites which do not reciprocate will be downgraded to a Regular Listing.
  • Banners and images for Sponsored LIstings(these appear on the additional page) - Please check image sizes before uploading!  Banners should be no more than 468px wide.  Product images should be no more than 450px in width.

Additional Notes:

  • Registration is required.  This will allow you to edit or upgrade your listing later.  You must register before adding your site. You will be sent an email in which you must click on the link to verify registration.  Once that is complete, you can then begin to add your site.  You will then be able to edit your listing at any time.  Please remember your site will not show up until we approve it, and every time you make an edit it comes back again for approval.
  • You may add your site in up to 1 relevant category for Regular Listings; 5 categories for Featured Listings; 10 categories for Sponsored Listings.  We reserve the right to change your choices at our discretion.
  • When placing our link onto a page in your site, the page must be linked to your homepage.  If our script cannot find our link, you may need to place it elsewhere within your site such as in the main template.
  • Listings are ordered by number of clicks out.

We reserve the right to deny any submission for any reason, and we will edit any submissions as necessary.  Should you have any questions you can Contact Us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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